Mini Mylar Balloons

Colorful Design


teeny tiny bits of SHINY! little gold letters make everything better

45 minutes

maker checklist

  • foil gift wrap
  • cotton squares (face pads)
  • cake-pop sticks
  • hot glue gun
  • good scissors



make your stencils. choose the word you’d like to make and print it out in a simple, bold font about 2 inches high (our stencils are set in Arial Round Bold)


build your puffy letters. roll cotton squares into little logs and carefully hot glue the seam to keep it from un-rolling. trim to size to match your stencil letters. use hot glue to join pieces together.


wrap in foil. cut two squares of foil about twice the size of the cotton letter. lay the letter on the foil square, trace with hot glue, and immediately place another foil square on top like you are making a sandwich. press the foil down and seal it against the hot glue. then trim the excess around the edges.