Monochrome Collage Box

Colorful Design


here, constraints lead to creativity! choose a single color for your 3D collage. simple and sophisticated. we love it!

this project is inspired by artist louise nevelson. it is a super-fun, super-abstract activity with open ended room for different interpretations!

1 hour

maker checklist

  • cardboard box
  • collected objects of the same color
  • glue or hot glue gun
  • adhesive craft foam
  • paper, fabric and other crafty bits



collect a variety of small items of the same color… like a scavenger hunt!


cover the inside of your box in the same color too. use paper, foam, felt or fabric; or paint it!


arrange your objects inside the box. (see our tips)


once you have a basic idea of where you want your objects to be, start gluing them into place


  • be intentional about the relationship between your items.
  • consider size, shape, and texture of your objects. think about their placement and the distance between them.
  • notice the shapes of the empty space too. this is known as negative space. Ironically, it has a lot of (visual) weight!

NINSPIRATION! Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson was an American sculptor, who immigrated from Ukraine to Maine as a child in 1905. She’s known for her large-scale, monochromatic, abstract constructions. She assembled her works with wooden crates, found objects, and debris- painted one color to emphasize shadow and light. Her signature color was black, but she also used white and gold in the 1960’s. While the sculptures themselves are huge, the objects nested inside the numerous stacked crates creates an intimate feel.