Polka Dot Paper Lanterns

Colorful Design


add colorful polka dots to paper lanterns for a cheerful pop of color in any room! get paper lanterns in a variety of sizes, and make sure to include a big one in the mix.

don’t miss our *tip* on punching the perfect dots. or go free form and cover your lantern in fields of color. 

30-45 minutes

maker checklist

  • paper lanterns 6 to 18 inch sizes
  • tissue paper in various colors
  • Mod Podge + foam brush
  • paper punches in 1 to 3 inch circles
  • white paper or cardstock



punch circles of tissue paper in different sizes and colors.


sandwich a few layers of tissue paper between two sheets of copy paper; then punch. this keeps the edges of the delicate tissue from tearing in the paper punch.


expand your paper lantern and set in a stable place.


apply the dots to your lantern with Mod Podge and a foam brush. create a thoughtful and colorful composition!