Pony Bead Suncatchers

Colorful Design


we made these sturdy, sparkly sun catchers from pony beads in clear, glitter and color. throw in a few letter beads for a fun addition.

30 minutes

maker checklist

  • old muffin pan or disposable tins
  • old tart pan or disposable tins
  • clear pony beads
  • beading cord or colorful string
  • grommets or small drill



pre-heat oven to 400. if you are using individual tins, set them on a sheet pan.

select the colors and beads you want to use.


letter beads work great with this project too! they keep their shape so you can add initials or a fun word.


sprinkle a mix of clear and colorful pony beads into the tins. the beads should cover the bottom evenly. too few beads will leave holes or create amoeba-like shapes (not a bad thing!) and too many beads will cause some “creep” up the sides of the tin. 

note: if you are using grommets – set them in at this stage.


place in the oven for about 20 minutes or until the beads are completely melted.

note: make sure to allow for extra airflow; open the windows or set up a small fan.


remove and let them cool completely


pop the discs from the tins and admire the beautiful discs you’ve created! if you are using a drill to make holes – drill at this stage. make sure to set the discs on old cardboard to protect the surface beneath when you drill.


string together, adding more beads if you like, then hang or give!