Drawbot Scribble Bot

Clever Engineering, Tech Wizardry


the year is 2024 and we are making drawbots! Watch your engineered robots draw away and even battle with other drawbots on a drawbot battleground! let’s go drawbot let’s go!

1 hour + 30 minutes

maker checklist

  • ice cream cup
  • 3 markers
  • sticky foam squares
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 AAA battery housing case, for two batteries, with leads and switch
  • magnetic push pin
  • motor with rotating rod
  • masking tape or duck tape
  • crafty bits



position the three markers so that they are evenly spaced around the cup and the cup is level.


tack the marker legs in place using small bits of masking tape or sticky dots (make sure the caps are pointing down). 


secure it, round and round, with stronger tape, so that the marker legs are very solid.


place the batteries in the battery holder (making sure the switch is off!).

add the magnet to the small rod on the motor.


position the motor and magnet on top of the battery-holder (as shown in the picture), so that the rod of the motor extends past the edge of the battery holder and the magnet can spin freely when turned on (without hitting the battery holder).


affix the motor to the battery holder with double-stick foam tape.


make sure it is positioned so that the rod and the attached magnet will spin freely, not hitting the side of the cup, when the motor is turned on.

do the next step with the batteries *off*!


 connect the leads from the battery holder to the tabs on the motor by hooking the wire through the small hole and twisting snugly to ensure a good connection. 


play! remove the marker caps; set the drawbot on a large piece of paper; turn the switch on, and let her loose!