Soft Sculpture Weaving

Clever Engineering, Colorful Design


we took inspiration from textile artist Katrina Sanchez for these woven tubes of yarn. this project is abstract and open-ended… it is a textile engineering technique. and it takes time! pick it up, put it down, or weave while you watch your favorite movie.

45 minutes

maker checklist

  • 6 craft sticks + 1 craft tube
  • glue gun or strong tape
  • yarn or cord of your choice



glue or tape the six craft sticks around the tube so that they are evenly spaced and extend about one half inch above the top of the tube.


we used double-stick foam tape squares to affix the craft sticks, but a hot glue gun or masking tape works too.


wrap the yarn around each post. follow the pattern shown above.

hook the bottom loop up and over to the inside of the loom. do all six.


using a slightly stretchy yarn, like a fettucini yarn, makes it easier to pull the loops over the posts of the loom, as in step 3.


wrap a second layer again and continue looping, up and over.

the woven yarn will emerge through the center of the tube!


make a variety in different colors and textures. and weave them together in an abstract soft sculpture.


Katrina Sánchez Stanfield is the Fiberess! She is a Panamanian-American artist who uses yarns, fibers and mixed materials to make big, vibrant objects and installations. She uses art to examine the social and environmental networks that we function in.

Kat pairs traditional processes like weaving and knitting – and experimenting with texture, color and scale – alongside modern issues. Her work is inspired by how we relate to ourselves selves, each other, and our environments.

She explores ideas of community, healing, and renewal through physical actions and methods like street art, textile mending and interactive installations. She likes creating art that invites the public to interact with it. She likes to offer her audience a multi-sensory experience that also invites them to be playful and delighted by her colorful, undulating soft sculptures.