Buttah Slime

Cool Science, Quick Crafts


what time is it? that’s right! it’s slime time! this project is jam-packed with sticky, stretchy, science-y fun! let’s get smooshing and spreading this super cool buttah slime!

45 minutes

maker checklist

  • white school glue
  • sta-flo liquid starch
  • white model magic clay
  • food colorings
  • small bowl + craft stick
  • measuring cups +spoons
  • cornstarch (just a bit)
  • small container with lid



pour 1/4 cup glue into a bowl, and add 5 (dark) -15 (yellow) drops of food coloring. stir and mix well.


add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of liquid starch to the glue, a little at a time. mix slowly and thoroughly, and keep adding until your slime is the consistency you prefer!


dust your hands with cornstarch then knead your slime until it is no longer sticky and can be moved from hand to hand with ease.


add 1 oz model magic clay to your slime (a small handful of clay) and knead into an even consistency… just like buttah!