DIY Cyanotype Prints

Colorful Design, Cool Science


use the power of the sun to create beautiful abstract prints!

the areas of your composition that are exposed to sunlight turn a bright blue (or cyan, as in cyanotype). the areas that were masked – or blocked by objects – remain white.

30 minutes

maker checklist

  • Cyanotype Fluid
  • Mixing Cups + Stir Sticks
  • Foam Brush
  • Canvas… or…
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Small Objects



mix equal parts of A and B cyanotype. do this in a dark place (like a bathroom) and mix slowly.


lay your paper or fabric in a dark area, and paint with the cyanotype mixture. leave in the dark area to let dry overnight.


arrange objects on it… get creative! small, simple objects like craft or office supplies work great. a repetitive pattern makes a lovely composition.


set in a sunny spot (indoors or out), and expose for 15 minutes. you’ll see the colors change!


the longer you expose it, the more contrast you’ll have in your final image.


rinse under cold water (yes, even the paper). watch the color change from a murky green to a beautiful, deep cyan.


dry flat and frame or hang. lovely!

we wrapped an embroidery hoop with yarn to create a frame for our canvas print.