DIY Light-Up Quizboard

Clever Engineering, Tech Wizardry


quiz me! i know the answer! design your own light-up quizboard with a few simple elements you can find in your kitchen and craft drawers. how cool is that?!

for the all-important conductive element, you can use either copper tape or aluminum foil.

30 minutes

maker checklist

  • quizboard template
  • 1 LED (light emitting diode)
  • 1 coin battery (3 volt)
  • 12 brass brads
  • 2 craft sticks
  • 36 in uncoated wire
  • strips of aluminum foil
  • masking tape
  • hole punch
  • scissors, pencil, glue
  • six silly questions and answers!



plan out your quiz board… come up with 6 questions (and 6 answers) and map them out so that the questions are on the left, and the answers are on the right. make sure to scramble the answers! 


design the front of your quiz board by stacking a white paper on top of colored paper to create a frame.

measure six equally-spaced lines across the white paper; punch a hole at either end of each line. these will be where you place your brass brads.

ultimately, you will write questions on the left hand side and answers on the right (but in scrambled order!) so always make sure to have your reference sheet handy as you wire your quiz board.


sketch a reference sheet for yourself, so you know what matches what, if you see it from the front or the back. the front and back will be a mirror image!


place a brad through the first question-and-answer pairs, unfolding the wings on the back of the board. flip the board over.


fold a piece of aluminum foil into a thin strip (you can also use conductive tape).

connect the question-and-answer brads on the back side of the board with the foil strip.

hint: sandwich the ends of the foil strip between the wings of the brads.

cover the entire path with a length of masking tape before moving on to the next pair of questions and answers.


repeat across all the Q & A pairs, covering each foil pathway with masking tape as you go. make sure all conductive elements (brad and foil) are completely covered.

if the conductive pathways touch at any point, this will interrupt the circuit and your light will not light up.


punch a hole at the top, middle of the quiz board and place the LED legs through it (so that the bulb is on the front of the board, and the legs are protruding through the back).

fold each LED leg against the back of the quizboard in opposite directions, marking (+) for the anode (longer) leg and (-) for the cathode (shorter) leg.


twist lengths of wire together until you have two long wires (about 18-20” each)

punch a hole on either side of the board, just above the Q and A columns and feed the wires through. looking at the back of the board now, make sure there is a short length of wire coming through each hole.

make a *power* sandwich! place the battery positive (+) side down, firmly on top of the anode (+) leg of the LED, and then place the end of one wire on top of the battery. tape this down securely.

wrap the cathode (-) leg of the LED with the other length of wire. you can tape this down against the back of the board too.



wrap the free end of each of the long wires around a craft stick. wrap many times, tightly! remember: one wire connects to the battery (power source) and the other connects to the LED. 

one is the question wand and the other is the answer wand!


 play! press the wire-wrapped portion of each wand to the brass brad – matching question to answer. if you are right, the LED will light up!

quizlet template below!