LED Light Up Cards

Tech Wizardry


light up your loved ones’ days with these super cute light-up cards. this projects combines some engineering with some artistic creativity and results in a super bright, light-up card! great for a birthday, a gift, a holiday, or just for ourselves to create something really cool!

1 hour

maker checklist

  • light-up card template
  • 1 brass brad
  • 1 coin battery (3 volt)
  • 1 LED (light emitting diode)
  • 3 strips copper tape
  • hole punch
  • art supplies to add design


grab your supplies and follow this How-To template!

when you’re creating a circuit, trouble–shooting is part of the process.

LEDs have polarity

the anode leg is shorter and has a small flag at the top. it must connect to the positive side of the coin battery (here, via the brass brad).

the cathode leg is longer with a larger flag at the top, and it must connect to the negative side of the coin battery.

light up your cards!