Light-Up Star Maps with LEDs

Clever Engineering, Tech Wizardry


this is definitely a CJ fave and a very cool way to add personality to your room! working with LEDs is simple and shock-free. once you get the hang of circuitry, you can apply it in so many ways.

30 minutes

maker checklist

  • foam core board
  • fabric in fun pattern
  • coin battery holder with switch
  • coin batteries
  • LEDs (5mm-10mm)
  • ball-head pin
  • scissors and masking tape
  • copper tape or hook-up wire



cut your foam board to size and lay it on your fabric.


cut your fabric to size to match your board, leaving an inch around all sides so you can wrap it around the edges. snip the corners for a smoother wrap.


wrap the board with the fabric and secure on the back using double-stick tape to hold in place and masking tape to seal the edges down.


flip the board over to the front and choose the placement for your LEDs. use one to three LEDs for best results!


pierce holes through the fabric and board, using a ball-head pin, so that you can fit the legs of the LED through the foam core.


insert the LEDs from the front, and, on the back, bend the legs down to hold in place.


place the battery holder on the back of
the board and secure in place with glue or double-stick foam tape. make sure the switch is *off* and insert the batteries.


connect the anode (+) leg of the LED
to the positive lead of the battery holder (the red wire). connect the cathode (-) leg to the negative lead (the black wire). use copper tape to create the circuit.
important! the copper tape pathways must not cross, and they must be tight and secure.


turn the switch on and see your board light up!