for summer 2021, we will offer both online and in-person camps. schedule and registration go live Feb 1. 

CA/MP: Create Art / Make Projects

Virtual Programming and Project-Packed Kits from Curious Jane

2020 information is listed below for reference. Please return on Feb 1 for 2021 schedule and registration.

Like any other CJ summer, our Virtual CA/MP Programming remains creative, clever, colorful, engaging, and project-packed. Our curriculum has been thoughtfully re-designed to encourage independence and build confidence through making things!

We’re still providing all the fun maker supplies, project how-tos, and engaging and supportive instructors – you still bring the cool ideas and creativity! Together we will Make Fun Things and Make Things Fun!

We’ve tried to answer as many questions here as possible given our experience with families, what we’ve been hearing from families recently, what we can anticipate, and what we are also asking as parents. However, we know you might have more questions! Feel free to email us at camp@curiousjane.fun.

And as always, we look forward to seeing you this summer! 

ca/mp class schedule

CA/MP is open to young makers entering K – 6th grades, grouped by age (K–2nd and 3rd–6th).
Open to all, anywhere! Each class will run for the full week. And you can see all classes here

We have specifically chosen our themes to be hands-on and story-driven for the young makers, and hands-off for the parents. (read: no Kitchen Chemistry at home.) Our FAQs below address all questions about registration.  

Pre-Summer / June Weeks

June 15: Mini World (3rd–6th) /  Mini World Jr. (K–2nd)
June 22: Design Studio (3rd–6th) / Design Studio Jr. (K–2nd)

Summer Weeks (July / August)

June 29: Mini World (3rd–6th) /  Mini World Jr. (K–2nd)
July 6: Spy Science (3rd–6th) / Magic & Mystery (K–2nd)
July 13: Toy Design (3rd–6th) / Game Time (K–2nd)
July 20: Design Studio (3rd–6th) / Design Studio Jr. (K–2nd)

July 27: Mini World (3rd–6th) /  Mini World Jr. (K–2nd)
Aug 3: Spy Science (3rd–6th) / Magic & Mystery (K–2nd)
Aug 10: Toy Design (3rd–6th) / Game Time (K–2nd)
Aug 17: Design Studio (3rd–6th) / Design Studio Jr. (K–2nd)

ca/mp pricing

Our virtual CA/MPs run for the full week and include all supplies, step-by-step project how-to’s via live instruction, reference videos and downloadable PDFs, and daily live engagement.
All Weeks, All Class Themes: $350/week
50% Sibling Discount: $175/week per additional child in the same household

frequently asked questions

what is CA/MP?

CA/MP is our virtual summer 2020 programming. It represents a new version of CAMP (it’s camp interrupted!) and stands for Create Art / Make Projects.

CA/MP is our way of bringing the signature CJ Experience to you. Like any other summer, our Virtual CA/MP Programming remains creative, clever, colorful, engaging, and project-packed. The difference is that our curriculum has been thoughtfully re-designed to encourage independence, confidence and success from home.

That’s right – we’re still providing all the fun supplies, project how-tos, and an engaging and supportive instructor – and you still bring the cool ideas and creativity! Together we will Make Fun Things and Make Things Fun!

what will CA/MP include?

3 Main Things!

1. Super Cool Supply Kits + Printed Project Guides – shipped right to you
We’ll send you a colorful supply box packed with everything you need for a week’s worth of projects. The box is your treasure kit! It’s also where you’ll store your supplies and projects over the course of the week. If you’re signed up for multiple weeks, you’ll get a new box for each week. 

We’ll also send a one-time pack of essential supplies like scissors, tapes, glues, markers, colorful paper, and more –– all the things you need to get going, in one place. 

2. A Little Set of DIY Video How-Tos to Make Stuff *Any* Time
A library of short (2-minutes!) how-to videos to accompany each theme so that young makers can reference them any time they want, or any time they need a little extra explanation or inspiration! 

We know you might not be “at home” this summer, or that sunny summer days are times to be outside (if possible), and rainy spells or dinner-prep-hour is a better time for your children to be engaged and doing things. They can pull out their CJ Treasure Box, visit a short video, and work on projects any time. 

3. Live / Real-Time Engagement in Small Groups
This is the stunner! Our online programming has been hand designed by Alia – she’s translated the best of CJ into zoom-based curriculum to engage, delight and connect. Classes will be taught by some of our top instructors. In addition to plenty of project-making, the week includes story-lines, scavenger hunts, tinker time, show-and-tells (Museum Tours) and of course, pop-in visits from some CJ favorites. 

what does this mean for parents?

Engagement for your children, during the times you need it. Our goal is to provide as much support and engagement as possible so that there is little hands-on time required from parents. We’ve chosen our weekly themes to this end as well – notice that Kitchen Chemistry, for example, is not included, but we open with Miniature World. While both are top favorites in the camp environment, Kitchen Chemistry would require a full day of hands-on help from parents, while Miniature World is a “take-it and run with it” type of creativity. We hope this will also keep CA/MPers engaged for longer stretches of time.

Any Time…
We will also have the recorded Zoom tutorials and pre-recorded Video How-Tos available to you at any time, so you don’t have to restrict your family schedule to CA/MP hours. This is *not* restricted to your camp week. They are available to at any time after your camp week begins, through the rest of the summer.

Any Where…
It also means you can take us on the road! Not home this summer? Take us with you!

Any One!
The opportunity for multiple children in the household to do the project together, and for any child to join. We’ve been expanding the CJ community to all children, and this let’s us do it full-force!

what is the daily schedule?

Each day will include 2.5 hours of live instruction and engagement, spread across 2 sessions. In between daily live sessions, CA/MPers will be able to work on their project-of-the-day independently using the supplies shipped to your home.

Additionally –– all DIY videos *and* online sessions will be recorded and available for reference at any time, so you can access them whenever needed or desired, beyond your week of CA/MP.

The specific times (per time zone) are –– 

For East Coast and Central Families
10am – 11:30am (EST) : Morning Session LIVE
2pm – 3pm (EST) : Afternoon Session LIVE

For Mountain and West Coast Families
10am – 11:30am (MT) : Morning Session LIVE
2pm – 3pm (MT) : Afternoon Session LIVE

The session descriptions are –– 

Morning Get-Started LIVE Session for 1.5 hours 
The first live session of the day will be used for project introduction, fun and engaging group bonding activities, and project how-tos!

Independent Work Time
CA/MPers can continue to create and make on their own, with the supplies shipped to your home. Independence is key!

Afternoon Tinkering Time LIVE Session for 1 hour
Come back online for the second daily live session to show your projects, ask questions, and tinker together!

Small class sizes grouped by age
Individual instructors will lead each small group of up to 10 CA/MPers.

Specific sign-on schedule and links will be included in your CA/MP welcome letter.

Who is designing this? Who is leading it?

We’re a small, strong team. And we’re super excited to bring this to you! Elissa, our Creative Director, is overseeing all video and content. Samantha, our Founder, is coordinating content with kits to make sure that your children are excited and engaged, from the minute the box arrives. And the super star of the show – Alia, our Director of Camps and Programming – is translating our curriculum into an online experience with story-lines, scavenger hunts, tutorials (for trickier projects), small group sessions, tinkering time, and connected show-and-tells. Alia has her background in International Education, is a new member of Stanford’s MeD program, and – even at her young age! – has spent 14 years with Curious Jane. She will also be coordinating some of our top instructors (and current educators with online experience) to lead the programs. 

what about online safety?

We will be implementing necessary precautions and rules for safe Zoom conduct. By utilizing Zoom features such as “waiting rooms” and password protected meetings, we will do everything in our power to give our CJ community safe and fun online time together.

what is the cost?

$350 / week (includes everything: supply kits + shipping, videos, online instruction and if you have already paid a deposit for camp, this will be applied fully, of course!) 

$175 / additional child in the household

who can sign up? (spoiler alert: anyone!)

YES + YAY! Curious Jane is coming to *everyone* this summer, courtesy of CA/MP!

Any child, grades K to 6, can join us. And any child, anywhere can join us.

Yes, we started 12 years ago as an all-girls program; it was important to create a gender-affirming space. And the exact reason we started that way is being accomplished day by day. Culture is changing, society is changing. There is work yet to do, but we are loving it!

We also find that all children (not just girls) enjoy our projects and what we do. It’s about interests and personality, not gender.

While we have (and will) keep some of our in-person programming as an all-girls space – creating an environment that is pro-girl, and never (ever!) anti-boy – we have a chance to extend our core mission in a greater way this summer.

And what is our core mission?  To build confidence through making things.

And we welcome everyone who would like to join us!

Can I sign up if I’m not already registered for camp?

Yes! You can sign up starting May 22nd. Please sign up one week in advance of the program you’d like to take so we have time to get you your Super Fun Supply Box!

More questions? Feel free to email us at camp@curiousjane.fun.

what are my options if i am already registered?

NOTE: We are not running our full line-up of classes, so what you originally registered for may not be available. We have chosen the classes that translate best to the project-kit and at-home experience, and require the least hands-on help from parents.

The week + theme schedule is at the top of this page. 

Option 1// Keep the same weeks you originally registered for, and we’ll send you the kits and details for those weekly themes. 

Option 2// Switch into the week(s) you want, and we’ll update your registration for you. 

Option 3// You can skip 2020 completely and see us next summer. We will apply your full (or any remaining portion of) your deposit to a credit for 2021.

How do you do this, what is the cost, and what about your deposit? See the next question! 

how is my previous deposit applied?

Any deposit you have made is treated as a CREDIT or CJ-Cash towards any experience(s) you’d like to participate in, this summer or next summer. This goes for any week(s) and any child in your household.

When you signed up for camp, you made a $200/week deposit. The cost for a CA/MP week is $350/week. The cost for any other child in the same household is $175/week. 

If you paid in full at the time of registration, any portion beyond the deposit is refundable. 

You will let us know what you would like to register for (per the schedule at the top of this page), and we will apply your full deposit towards any options you choose, and towards any child(ren) in your household. 

If there is a remaining credit, we will apply it to next summer. And if there is a balance, we will charge your card on file, after we confirm the charge with you.


1. Join us for the weeks you were signed up for and we will send you the kits.

2. Change your weeks and themes and we’ll get you the supplies you need.

3. Keep your credit for a future summer.

And there is Option 4 – if you are in a financial position to do so – you can apply any un-used portion of your deposit to a scholarship fund for families who have been especially financially affected.

Email us at camp@curiousjane.fun.

how do I sign up?

If you are already registered: email these 3 things to camp@curiousjane.fun

1// the name of your child(ren) 

2// the week(s) and themes you’d like to join per the new 2020 schedule

3// the shipping address (if different from your home address on file)

We will transfer your registration, apply your deposit, and send you a new confirmation. If there is a balance, we will charge your card on June 15. If there is a credit we will hold it for next summer. 

If you are a new registration: Sign Up Here

Pop over to our registration system and sign-up for the week(s) and classes you want. If you want your CJ Kit shipped to a different address than your home address, reply to the confirmation email and let us know!

When do I need to decide?

It’s best to secure your weeks as soon as you know your schedule to ensure that all materials are delivered to you well in advance of your CA/MP week beginning.

You can sign up or switch previously registered weeks at any time beginning now and continuing through the summer. Please register at least two weeks before you’d like to get started, so we can deliver your project-packed supply kit to you in time!

Priority registrations are open now for families who were already signed up and need to make changes. New registrations will open on May 22.

i signed up! ... now what?

Thank you for joining us this summer! We are super excited about CA/MP. 

First  – you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your registration.

Next – we will be preparing your supply boxes and shipping those out via UPS.

Then – about a week before your CA/MP start date, we will send you a welcome email, with all the details of your zoom class, schedule and links; plus access to our DIY videos.

We can be best reached at camp@curiousjane.fun.

Why are you not refunding the deposit? (...letter from samantha, founder)

If you are reading this, you likely signed up for Curious Jane camp before our world was plagued by a virus and shelter-in-place restrictions were necessary to protect our communities. You may also have financial concerns or feel that we (and other organizations) are holding money unfairly. And you might not feel that way at all. You might just be interested in what’s behind all this and how things work. Either way, we totally get it. We are parents. We are part of your community. We are figuring things out together.

As to the “deposits / refunds” question: I’m sharing the long answer from a business and personal place, because it’s bigger than “deposits” – it’s about a financial commitment to an organization, a practical need for childcare, and the trust and expectation that your money (and commitment) will be treated thoughtfully and with the same trust you place in us. 

It is true that we are not running camps this year, in the manner that you (and all of us!) expected. We love camps! We’re sad to see Summer 2020 go this way. 

The environment is the arbiter of this. Not an individual, not an organization, not even a government. And cancelling in-person programs aligns with our core value at Curious Jane of protecting both our CJ Community and our global community. Our host venues have also made the same decisions. 

And yet there is true creativity, ingenuity and hard work in action! Just as schools, jobs, errands, and socializing have all been forced to re-shape, we are re-creating the CJ Experience – working hard behind the scenes to prepare a new deliverable that is strong, valuable, and FUN. (And that’s something we could all use a bit of!) In sum, you have committed to us, and we are committed to you. 

We are not cancelling Curious Jane; we are re-designing the product. 

We are a small business. In addition to the challenges shared by all small businesses, the Camp Business, specifically, is a 10-month / 2-month model. We work 10 months out of the year to deliver 2 months of camp. When those two months are stamped out, we don’t just pop up again.

YET we have awesome content; we believe in our mission, and we are hard and nimble workers. We have no option but to be creative and inventive. And we’ve done a great job of it! What would we be teaching your children if we couldn’t live by our own CJ values?

The bottom line, about the deposits– is that we are fulfilling our commitment to deliver a CJ summer to you in the only way allowed. 

We are also doing it at cost. We’ve lowered the price considerably, extended credits, and will be as flexible in working with you as the situation allows.

I started Curious Jane when my own daughters were young. My oldest is now “at” UCLA, which means she is at home, in Brooklyn, finishing classes and participating in all her amazing activities in a virtual setting.

We are entering our 12th Summer of Curious Jane. And here we are… launching an entirely new channel for our content and programming. It can reach more children, in more places and at a lower price. 

I’m super proud of our team – Elissa, Alia, Paola, Lauren – in their commitment to the CJ Community and mission. Thank you to them, and thank you to you!

We hope you will stick with us!

how can i reach you?

The very best way to reach us right now is via email. That’s camp@curiousjane.fun

Our office is closed and we are working remotely (and diligently). There are two of us, Alia and Samantha, working on an individual basis with each family, so please do be patient, and thank you in advance!

Email also allows us to have an incredibly useful path of communication, so that as each of us replies, we can access your camp account for details, and have a clear picture of everything we need to know for your family, specifically.

We are good spirited, optimistic, and excited about what we have designed. And we are also deeply impacted by COVID 19. We are receiveing a lot of undertstanding and support from our families, and we are grateful!