design in miniature! create your own composition, people, furniture and accessories.

for K-1st grades

For our CJ campers who loved DIY Dollhouse, Miniature World is a chance to make more! We’ve added a few extra projects like twig teepees and mini tins to keep things fresh. And this group puts a finer finish on the elements DIY Dollhouse.

Young designers start with pre-fabricated wooden boxes and assemble their own structure. (A trapeze school, toy museum, or ultra-modern home? They’ve made it!) With their architect’s hat on, they think about setting, scale, and who they are designing it for. They plan out the surface finishings and add extended spaces; they design the furniture and accessories; and they incorporate all sorts of clever engineering – like a pulley-system elevator or cantilevered swimming pool for tree frogs (yes, we’ve seen this!)

Campers are doing so much learning while they are making, and they constantly amaze us with their creativity. The classroom becomes their studio and miniature world. Got designer’s block? Just visit the swap shop or inspiration station.

This is a super popular class, so sign up early!